Sculptural intervention, Mies van der Rohe's Skulpturengarten, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin. Exhibition Festival of Future Nows with the Institut für Raumexperimente. Industrial paint and aluminium, 480 x 80 x 17 cm.
The artwork exists in relation to the idea of walking: moving the body in space while observing a surface that reflects that action in a directly entangled camouflaged reaction. Situated inside the sculpture garden, a quiet ambience encompasses the pictorial communication between body and motion.
Photographs by Franziska Strauss and Simon Holischka. Surrounding sculptures by Auguste Renoir (La grande laveuse accroupie,1917-1918), Bernhard Heiliger (Drei vertikale Motive, 1966-1967), Nikolaus Gerhart (Bohrung XI, zweiteilig, 1985), Ernesto De Fiori (Großer Schreitender, 1921) and Gerhard Marcks (Maja, 1942).