ROOM ART FAIR, art fair, Pony Project Gallery, Madrid, Spain. 26-28 February 2016.

THE OTHERS, art fair, Pony Project Gallery, Turin, Italy. 5-8 November 2015.

DE ABSTRACCIONES Y LUZ, art critic article by Waldemar Sommer, El Mercurio, Artes y Letras, page E8, November 1st 2015.

ENTRE ATMÓSFERAS, Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago de Chile, Catalogue and exhibition opening October 14th 19:30 hrs, 15 October-27 November 2015.

LOS OJOS DE MACARENA RUIZ-TAGLE, article by Paola Pino, Revista La Panera nr. 56, page 6-7, October 2015.

PARALLEL VIENNA, art fair, Pony Project Gallery, Viena, Austria. 23-27 September 2015.

RELATION OF ASPECT, solo show, Pony Project Gallery, Berlin, Germany, June 2015.

POPPOSITIONS, art fair, Nowak and Mayhew, Kanal Wharf, Brussels, Belgium, April 2015.

TRIANGULAR PROJECT, Casa Poli artist in residency, Coliumo, Tomé, April 2015. In collaboration with Sandra Volny and Florine Leoni.

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